Takes One to Know One – @belindapop (Cover: #IsabelMissVplam)


Last Thursday I posted a little cover I had to do during the week…

When I say had to… I mean it as a therapy… I had being feeling slightly sad during the nights, well I usually do, but this time there was a clear reason… so one day at the gym listening randomly to the music in my ipod, this oldie song came up, and it totally hit me! totally expresses what I feel, and, recording the cover was my way to take that out…


Now I’m going on vacations to my favorite beach in the planet and I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging next week, but I’m sure I’m ready to be happy and enjoy to 100% my vacations with a genuine smile in my face! :D




Atte. Isabel( MissV)

#Palacio de #Cristales – #Madrid… impactantes fotografías!!!

Today it’s the photography day in my blog!! And I wanted to share this amazing set of pictures of the Palacio de Cristales in Madrid Spain, so inspiring!!!

Kimsooja (b. Taegu, Korea, 1957, South Korean) – A Reflective Palace Of Rainbows, 2006   The Palacio de Cristal was originally built in the late 1880s in Madrid, Spain. In 2006 artist Kimsooja transformed it into this rainbow reflecting palace.    Installations

 VIA: words for me and you : Kimsooja (b. Taegu, Korea, 1957, South Korean) – A….

▶ “Falling Asleep” original song by @musicassi


Hey everyone! Today it’s Wednesday! XD And I post something music related every Wednesday, so here it is!… XD

(Ok let’s try to skip that obvious Redundancy…)


But today… I want to share one of the most recently uploaded videos by the incredibly talented Cassi Whisman, she’s one of my favorite Youtube musicians, not just for the kind of music she does (it’s that particular sound she has), but specially for her good soul and humility.

I do feel like I want to write more about her, but again with her I sense that thing I don’t know what it is… that tells me it isn’t the time to do so yet… yeah I’m weird like that (but you already knew that, right?)


Cassi if you see this… I LOVE YOU!! And will always support you, and YOU ROCK!!!

So if after checking out the video above, you are enchanted by her incomparable talent like I am, make sure to subscribe to her Youtube Chanel, where you’ll also find links to other social networks she has ;)


Atte. Isabel (MissV)

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Como te sientes con respecto a una chamarra de piel? / How you feel regarding a leather jacket?


I’m in #love with this BERSHKA #leather#jacket… WHAT CAN A #LEATHER #JACKET DO FOR YOU? Leave me your #answer in a comment, I might feature you in my #blog next week! QUE PUEDE HACER UNA #CHAMARRA DE #PIEL POR TI? Deja tu#respuesta como comentario, Y podría incluirte en mi blog la próxima semana! (link in my bio) #style #beauty#confidence


He descubierto que las personas suelen asociar las chamarras negras de piel, con una actitud mala u oscura… yo pienso que no tiene nada que ver, y en muchas ocasiones depende de con que se combine, tu como te sientes con respecto a una chamarra de piel?

I’ve discovered that people tend to associate black leather jackets with a bad attitude or obscurity … I think that has nothing to do, and that it often depends on with what it is combined, your how you feel regarding a leather jacket?

Atte. Isabel (MissV)



3 ways non-profits can do digital marketing

So today I wanted to share this post I found at memeburn.com, it talks about how non-profit action create the most effective way of digital marketing, I found this vey informative and real.

Here I share the last part of the post, where the author pretty much resumes everything:

Wrapping it up
Modern marketing focuses a great deal on creating action, even if that action isn’t directly tied to making a sale. This is because actions are memorable, and they keep us coming back. To recap:

  1. Focus on offering practical advice that your audience can act on, more than on news stories. While both are important, the practical side of things is widely neglected, and it’s far keeping an audience.
  2. Interact directly with your audience, post content that creates discussion, and leverage tools that make discussion and participation easy. Community is even more important to an audience than the content itself.
  3. Eliminate clutter from your website. Avoid giving your visitor more than six options to choose from at any given time, and once they make a choice, eliminate all distractions until they are finished, at which point it’s time to inspire them to take an action, however small.

Use these techniques and you can expect to create a positive change in the world.

If you wish to read the whole thing, clic here: 3 ways non-profits can do digital marketing like a hard-nosed business | memeburn.

Based on your experience, do you agree of disagree with the points mentioned above? Have you applied any, and how do you know they worked?
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Atte. Isabel (MissV)