Is Karate Kid’s new version good or bad?

I looove Jaden Smith he’s sooo cute!!! and he’s such an awesome actor, I must admit I totallt forgot who he was until the end of the movie, for me he was drake parker the whole time.

My parents say it sucks, wich is something I can totally understand, ‘cause when they were kids, the watched the first version of the movie and they loved it, so they don’t fell like changing it.

But here’s the thing, this Karate Kid version was done for young people (I’m not saying thei are old…..but they are older than me LOL) so it was done for me, for the people of MY generation, and so we love it and we won’t change it.

Maybe in 20 years or more there will beanother version of the movie and I’ll think it sucks but my kinds will love it and so on…

So my point here is: Respect, respect others opinion, we are all different and unique and depending of the place and time were we live, that’s what we’ll like.



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