Skyscrapers city (New York)

I got to New York thinking it was a boring city( culturally talking), and I came back knowing it actually has a very interesting history.

Day 1.

My mom, my sister, and me got to the JFK Airport at 6:00 and after 1 hr, we finally got to the hotel, we left our luggage and went to to the woodbury outlets.

My sister practically assaulted Oshkosh XD and I bought some stuff at dolce and gabbana, 2 pair of shoes at aerosoles and a pair of ugg boots. We went to back to the hotel like at 23:00.




Day 2.


 We went to Macy’s Department Stores, I bough a beautiful coach handbag and my mom bought most of her clothes there, I also bought some clothes at inc and Michael kors jeans, then we took a taxi to the statue of liberty, that was when I realized how important New York city is, not just for USA, but for the world.

 New York is one of the principal financial centers in the world, along with other cities like Tokyo (and others I don’t remember), and many important corporations have their offices there (like the United Nations), there are also excellent universities in there and artistically talking, many movies have been shot there and many TV programs are shot there, and there are a lot of Broadway plays all the time.

We then walked by the 42th street and I enteredd Forever 21!! I was like sooo exited!!! (Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale buy clothes there), then we entered to the Ripley Museum, after that we had a cheeseburger at McDonalds and then we walked to the hotel, which was between the 40th  Street and 5th Avenue, so It was not too far.

Day 3.

We walked by the 5th Avenue, and entered many shops, my mom and I bough some stuff in Zara and I was going to buy a swimsuit at bcbg but they didn’t have small size, then we went to the empire state building and took the skyride, I remembered the twin towers and I felt really sad, we went to the top and took some pictures, the city really looks unreal.


Then we went to the hotel and then went to watch the Lion King, It is amazing!! I really loved it, I bought a Simba XD.


Day 4.

We woke up a little late (like at 10, wich was late comparing to the other days) and took a taxi to the Airport; I was sad of leaving New York, but happy to go back to my home.


I really had an amazing time in New York and I totally need to come back, ‘cause 3 days are not enough to see everything over there, I really want to go to the Museum of Natural History, The Museum of Modern Art, watch more Broadway plays and buy more clothes!! XD



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