Why Nick Jonas is my favorite Jonas Brother.

What I like the most about his appearance are: his curly hair, the intense look in his eyes, and his beautiful smile and he is sexy XD. But the real reason I like him so much is because of his music and personality, as a musician I truly admire him so much! He’s immensely talented, I think he was born for this; he plays so many instruments and does it so perfectly! And as a songwriter his songs are always beautiful and represent the wonderful kind of person he is (just as his brothers).

When I first heard the album who I am of Nick Jonas and the administration I was impressed! The sound was definitely different to the Jonas Brothers and except for one song (conspiracy theory) not even comparable, I would call it “real music” and not because other music is not, but because it’s a total new sound, it follows no rules, is totally original and creative.

Whenever they tell me “electric guitar” I normally think about rock, but in this record the electric guitar does not create rock, but a strange combination between pop, rock and blues, something I had never hear before, it reminds me (but it’s not) of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, I know Nick likes them and his music represents how influenced he is by them, the record itself has a kind of blues sound, but with other kinds of music as well, definitely something I had never hear before and that proves what a big artist he is.


My mother died when I was 5 years old because of diabetes type I, she was diagnosed with this disease when she was 12, and though she had all the support and care from her family and friends, she died young and tired, but happy, I think.

The fact of seeing Nick Jonas doing campaigns, visits, donations, and many other things in pro of diabetics, to inspire them to keep holding on is something I’ll always appreciate, I wish he had existed when my mom was my age, maybe things would have being different.

He is the living prove that being diabetic does not make you less at all, and that you can live a happy life, I am not diabetic, but my mom was and I slowly saw how she got worst and worst until she couldn’t move, I wish I could have done something to help her, but I was too young to do anything.

I always knew she was sick, but I never imagine she was going to die, not at that age and not because of that, but now I’m older and for me it’s inspiring that Nick gives me a way to help all the people that suffer this and I’ll always be thankful for that. Nick Jonas is not only a very talented musician and artist, but also a wonderful person that I’ll always support and admire, that’s why he is my favorite Jonas Brother.



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