Make-up tutorials? = Lauren Luke


I normally don’t subscribe to a YouTube channel unless I find more than one of its videos interesting or I’m personally asked.

When I first saw a makeup tutorial video by Lauren Luke I got there by mistake, but I remember I saw it complete and then clicked on some other video, days passed and I suddenly felt curious about the things about beauty that I could learn on YouTube. I remember I saw a fairies tutorial by kandee Johnson (I’ll talk about her in another time) and I was impressed by how easy she could make it look, I thought I could do it myself.

When I enter YouTube I’m not always looking for something in specific and I just click on some random video and continue by clicking one of the suggested videos, so after like 4 times that I ended up in one of Lauren Luke’s videos, I decided to subscribe.

And as I normally do when I “discover” a new artist I like, I looked her up in google (her webpage didn’t exist yet by that time) and clicked on the first option, which was her biography in Wikipedia, there I found out that she was a mom and I realized she was (still is) more famous than I thought she even has her own videogame!!.

Now that I was subscribed I began watching all her videos and after a year or more she one day posted a video talking about a book and I was (still am) so excited and happy for her!! I was really looking forward to its release, unfortunately as I live in Mexico I stayed expecting forever because the book didn’t come out here =(.

After a while watching her videos and admiring her looks I decided to try one of her tutorials on myself, I never stopped, I consider her now my makeup guru and the person who gave me the security I needed to wear makeup, whenever I want to find a look to match my clothes, I enter Laurens channel and find it, ‘cause there are so many tutorials that you even have options, and though I don’t have the exact same products she uses, I have similar ones and I normally add or change something to the look, to make it mine XD.

She’s also been working on her own makeup line which I imagine has always been her dream as a makeup artist, just to think about how far she’s gotten makes me wanna cry, she is like a modern heroine because of everything she’s gone through and because she is a living prove that working hard and never giving up, always works.

Looking from the outside….my mom has (had) never wear makeup in her life, so everyone was impressed when I started wearing it, and even more when the looks were not bad at all, my mom was terrified she couldn’t understand how I could be wearing it and know about It when she never tough me or give me the example. Now my mom wears eyeliner and mascara (which is a huge step if you consider she never wore a thing) and when we go to a party or she has to go to some special event, she borrows my stuff and asks me for tips ( I’ll never be able not to laugh at it, its kindda ironic LOL) I tried to make her watch Laurens videos but she is not to friendly with technology and she doesn’t know much English ( and Laurens accent makes it harder for her….no offence intended, I actually love her accent but as we live in Mexico we are more used to the American one).

Looking from the inside…as I said before, Lauren gave me the security and strength I needed to wear makeup, and wearing it makes me feel more confident because I fell beautiful so it also helped my self-esteem, when I was 13 years old I met a guy who I fall in love with but rejected me saying I was ugly, I was so small(okay not sooo much XD) I think it affected me more that it should, and from that day until the day I first wore makeup I believed he was right, I had (have) some friend that wore makeup but I never dare asking them how to wear it ‘cause I thought I would sound stupid, now I’ve received (positive) comments from my friends about my makeup and that obviously makes me feel good, and I owe it all to Lauren Luke.


I don’t know if you’ll ever read this Lauren, but if you do, I want you to know I truly admire you and support you, and I think you are a wonderful person and I’m totally thankful with you for sharing with everyone your incomparable talent, so keep it up and never let anyone tell you that you are not awesome, because you are, always think positive.

P.D And remember that there’s a person supporting you in Mexico (and wants your book…..LOL).








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