When I tell my friends that I am a fan of Paris Hilton some of them answer “she is a bitch” to what I answer she is rich, she is famous, she is beautiful, what else do you want?

What do you do when you have millions and millions in the bank? Some might say I’d buy a car, I’d buy a house, I’d earn it, or whatever, but I would say “have fun” which is pretty much what Paris Hilton does every day. 


Aristotle was right when he said that happiness is the objective of every human, and the truth is that we only have one short life to “find it” though in my opinion, happiness is more like a pad we walk on.

Paris Hilton before anything is human, she is a normal person who was luckily born in a family where she can have it all, and would you reject it if you were in her place? Of course not, because honestly who wouldn’t like to be able to party whenever you want and even being paid for it? Who hasn’t dream of being famous some day? Of having your own brand, your own reality show?  And fans? Would you reject that chance?

There are many things you can say about Paris, but you can’t deny she is smart, in few years she’s built her own empire selling stuff like perfumes, shoes, sunglasses, etc, she’s also starred in some movies and has her own record label, she’s definitely inherited her father and grandpas talent to do business.

So yes, Paris Hilton is the heiress of a big empire of hotels, and yes she is rich, and she is also a very successful business woman, a celebrity, a reality show star, a beautiful fashion icon and fashion designer, a party girl,etc… isn’t she cool? ….. If you disagree, I understand, you are obviously jealous.

 This is not even a bit of how much I truly admire her, but today I just wanted to write something short because I’ve felt a bit sad for or the rumors that have been surrounding her, but I must admit I’m impressed by how good she’s handled it.



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