QUESTION: @JonasBrothers VS @JustinBieber which do I prefer?

I love the Jonas Brothers because they are 3 super talented brothers that always stay grounded no matter what, they do great shows and love their fans, and their music is inspiring to me.

I love Justin Bieber because he is 1 super talented singer and songwriter, he is always very nice wih his fans and he has a beautiful voice, and when he sings you always believe what he is saying ‘cause he really mean it.

So I like both ‘cause the are completly different, they do different kind of music, the jonas are a band of 3, while justin is just 1, the only thing they have in common are their initials, but I think JB will always be for the Jonas, because they were first.

So I prefer the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber.


QUESTION: @JonasBrothers VS @JustinBieber which do I prefer?



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