Whataya want from me? my answer to @adamlambert =)

I’ve always thought that @adamlambert could do so much more as an artist!! he could be way more creative, why not? he can wear colors, he’s gay! leave the black for heterosexuals like Bill Kaulitz, you can dare use so much more stuf!! why don’t you do it!!

He’s got a wonderful voice, no one can deny that, he might have not won American Idol, but still he is a champion, I’ve always consider that a lot of bravery and courage is needed to accept you are gay and jewish in front of people that will obviously judge you.

Whataya want from me?
You are an artist, be one!! 

I think there’s always a limit for inspiration, and that’s called copy, I understand he is in love with Bill Kaulitz who wouldn’t? he is gorgeous!! And Bill’s style is amazing, so yeah who wouldn’t like to look as good as him? But unfortunately for Adam, he hasn’t got Bills complexion so when he wears tight clothes like Bill, he doesn’t look that good.

It’s not the same to be just “a singer” or “an actor” than being an artist, artists create, so Adam Lambert should do so, he is deeply talented and there’s so many amazing things he could do!!







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