hey there i work with lauren luke and i saw your post about wanting a book … if you feel comfortable send me your address – eliciabg@gmail.com and ill make sure to send you one! :) ps. she’s on hautelook today 50% off!!! im not sure if they sell to mexico though :( do you know of any sale sites like hautelook that sell in mexico? let me know and i’ll make sure we’re there so you can get her palettes 50% off too!

omg! are you serious? you would actually send me the book? that’s amazing!! but I don’t know…I have to tell my parents and I’m not sure they’ll say yes, we live in Mexico which is one of the most insecure countries in the world, so I don’t think they’ll let me, but I’ll do my best XD thanks a lot!!

oh and about hautelook umm I don’t think it’s sold here in Mexico, but I’ll look for it and let you know if I find it =)

Bye Bye and thanks a lot



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