My Camprock2 concert experience

First of all let me tell you all that I had such a great time, that seriously words are never gonna be enought to describe all the emotions I felt when I saw Demi, and the Jonas perform, I had dreamed of the moment thousands of times, but it was better than I thought.

I live like 1hr and a half away from the place were de concert was (foro sol) so I told my mom we better go early so we don’t have any problems, and so I got there around 5, the concert started at 7, we were listening to radio disney and I sang a long all the songs like crazy lol, I was just very very excited to be there.

Then, like around 7, the concert started I screamed so much that when I woke up this morning my voice was gone lol, but I just couldn’t help myself, 3 things I was expecting were:

  • Listen to Demi’s amazing voice.
  • To see my love Nick Jonas in Person.
  • And watch 4mdot and all the guys from camp*star perform fire (my favorite song of camp rock2)

I enjoyed the concert in every way and the whole thing was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget, but I guess that my favorite parts were:

  • I loved that Demi sang “Lo que soy” and that she even invited a fan to sing with her, that was very special, ‘cause for me, it means that she really cares about her latin fans, and she dares making the effort to sing in a nother language that she doesn’t even speak, and do it well.
  • The way Demi and Joe performed together, was special, but in a sad way, it’s just not as I thought it would be, in the videos I saw of their first tour, you could see that kinnda invisible connection between them, and now its very noticeable that it’s broken, and that’s really sad for me, ‘cause I’ve always been a Jemi supporter.
  • But the song that definetly made me cry was a little bit longer, that song has a very special meaning for me, ‘cause it reminds me of my mom who died thanks to diabetes, and to see Nick on stage performing showing how strong he is and showing that if you do the things the right way you can live with that desease peacefuly, simply makes me realize how wonderful as a person he is, and how much I admire him and the reason he is my hero.

Read more about it: Why Nick Jonas is my favorite Jonas Brother.

  • Another special moment, that I guess was the greatest, was when they showed the mexican flag, it has a special meaning because it shows how much they really love us, enough to take the time to do such thing and even to say “hola Mexico” and “te amo Mexico”.

I am not going to say it was the greatest moment in my life, ‘cause I think that that concept can change in any moment, but I do say that it was an unforgetable experience and whenever I am given the chance to see them again, when they come back to Mexico, I will be there for sure.                    




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