My review to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. *****

Just came back from watching HP7 and omg! I think it’s the best one so far.

I read all the books , and My favorite movie was the third and the one I liked the least is the sixth, when I heard that David Yates was gonna do the 7th movie I wasn’t that happy, but I was wrong, because this movie, the first part at least is just amazing!!

And then I also heard that J.K Rowling was gonna produce the last 2 parts and I was a little more calm, because it’s the last book and its kindda the most important.

I know that there’s always gonna be something different because you can’t just adapt the story in a book to a video the way everyone want it, ‘cause when you read you imagine how things would be like, but you don’t really know how they are, and making then reality is like a big big challenge specially if it’s a world that don’t really exist, like Harry Potter’s world.

So my review is that it is an excellent movie that totally worth  to be watched, and I could bet that If you didn’t like Harry Potter that much, but you are open minded, you’ll love it after you watch this one, it kindda has the perfect level of everything, it has action, love, drama, suspense,  adventure, fantasy and porn(kidding!! Hahahahaha but there’s something like that……ooooohh (not kidding)) but what I mean is that it has like a bit of everything, which is something I think we owe to J.K Rowling, the story is great.

And that’s the reason I didn’t like the sixth movie that much, it’s got like a lot of love, it’s like a pink movie, while the book is green, I mean that it is not so romantic and it has to do with slytherin, not like the second, but yes.

So yeah my conclusion and recommendation is go watch it!! You’ll love it; it’s a great great movie.

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