My experience at the TOKIO HOTEL HUMANOID CITY TOUR concert in Mexico

“The most amazing experience ever in my life” That is how I describe this Tokio Hotel Concert I went to yesterday. (Dec 2, 2010) It was special in so many ways!!

Since they first visited Mexico I dreamed that one day we (Tokio Hotel Mexican fans) would get all together and we’d be enough to make them come and give a complete official concert and not just come to give autograph signings and sing a couple of songs in some awards event.

I saw all this videos of concerts in other countries where the fans were singing passionately, crying, screaming jumping…etc… and I wanted to feel that too.

I love Tokio Hotel because their songs are always very inspiring and deep and they always get to the deepest part of me, there are some song in specific that are so filling that make me cry or laugh when I’m sad, get mad at something…etc, but I always feel very intense when I hear their songs.

I dreamed of the concert so many times, but nothing could have prepare me for this, the feeling, Bills words about my country, his voice, Toms guitar, Georgs base and Gustavs drums it was so much much better that I expected! I had never feel like that before, I felt like a very strong connection between the fans and the band that made us all fell like euphoric and like it doesn’t matter how big your problems are, there is always someone that will be there to understand you (that’s when I hear her songs) and there will always be a way to get though everything.

So I got to the place 4 hours before the show started, but the line was immense!!

When I finally got there I struggled a little ‘cause I’m short and I couldn’t see anything, and that was just frustrating.

The show started and I screamed as loud as I could, I began feeling all hot and even a little dizzy but I didn’t care I just focused on watching them perform live for the first time in a official tour by them in my country, and thinking about that made me feel instantly better.

And then Bill told us they had been to visit the pyramids and the guide had told them he had the feeling that this was gonna be the best concert of the tour (and he was right)

It was in World Behind My Wall when everything changed, almost in the middle of the song (before) Bill stepped out of the stage followed by the other three, we all freaked out, we were all wondering what happened? This is not part of the show!! Something’s wrong!!

Then this tall and fat man appeared on stage and told us to move a step back or the show wouldn’t continue, a policeman told us that a couple of girls had crashed against each other because all the people were pushing each other, and so Bill stepped out of stage and asked them to tell us to stop or the show wouldn’t continue and someone could get hurt (omg! You have to admit that was just sooooooo sweet!!)

So after what seemed eternity to me, the show continued, and again everyone got turned up as if nothing had happened, It was in the song “Zoom Into Me” which I dedicate to my friend Karo (who was there with me and we hold hands during the song; I think I almost strangulate her hand LOL, I was just very excited) were I started crying, the song is just so intense and has a very very special meaning for me! And to see and listen Bill singing it was just too much, the whole thing was a dream come true for me.

I loved that Bill said “Muchas Gracias” and “Hola Mexico” I don’t know you, but I feel great when someone that’s not from my country shows respect by doing little things like that and with it, making the show be “Mexican” and not just another one in the tour, just be saying the name of the country were they are, it stops being another concert part of a tour, and it turns to be a concert for the country they are performing at.

I still can’t find the words to really tell you how special and amazing this concert was for me, I fell blessed ‘cause I had the chance to be there and I fell deeply thankful with them for being so nice and for caring about us and dedicating us their music (their life).

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