My anti-suicidal letter…

What is the meaning of living? I see you all alive but do you live?
For me, life is the most beautiful and powerful gift we all have, but unfortunatley noone teaches us how to use it, leaving the experiences to be our real school.

How many times have we waste that beautiful gift we all have by doing and taking things that hurt us?
How many times have we though “My life sucks” or even more “I wish I could die so I don’t feel this pain”?

Maybe your life is really bad right now, maybe you think you can’t fix it, maybe you can’t find a reason to fight, maybe you don’t believe in anything anymore

But still, you heart beats, and you still have a voice to say that, and that’s when you realize not everything is lost, you still have something, something that worths more than any other think in this world, something that is comparable to water and soil, you have your life, you have yourself, you are not alone.

And you know why it is the only think that worths more than anything? Because you only have one.
So I tell you this: the truth is that, the only think that can really stop you, is death, but if you are still here, it means you are alive, so then why don’t you live? Why do you waste this beautiful gift you have?
You don’t need and end, you need a beggining, and I say we let that beggining be now



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