One waterproof liquid eyeliner that actually works

I just wated to share this with you…

Today, when I was puting my make-up on, for some reason I though “what if I cry today?” (I know it’s so stupid) so I decided to use liquid eyeliner instead of my normal pencil eyeliner.

And guess what? I did cried!! And that’s even kindda creepy… but well… my point is:

The eyeliner I used is from Urban Decay, and it actually works!! So I just though I migth mention it just in case any of you were ever looking for a waterproof eyeliner, this one really works!! I recommend it!! XD

I got mine in Sephora, just in case you were wondering were you could get it… =)

Urban-Decay Site: check out all their products, I really like them!!

And here’s Sephora:

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