My father…

I know he wants to help me, I know he wants the best for me…

But just can’t see, he wants to teach me, like he does all his other workers, he comes and brags about how many people would like to be in my place and “learn from him”

I think he’s right about that many people wuld be gald to learn from him, but honestly, not me, It’s not my pride, it’s just I know him more than them, I know ehat he is capable of, he can go show his poke face to everyone, but i know how bad he can be…

I don’t wanna let him down, when I look back and think about the decisions I’ve taken, specially those which I’ve taken opposite to his will, I don’t regret it, I still think I’ve managed to make him feel proud of me sometimes.

And that’s the difference, I don’t want to make him proud just by doing what he wants me to, I want to be myself, and I know, that If I follow my heart, I’ll succeed.

That’s why we can’t mix work with family, If I do something “wrong” (which for him, means doing things differently to how he would like me to), he can’t just fire me like he can to all his other employees, I will always be his daugther no matther what, and I will always love him no matter what, maybe I’m being a coward, but anyway, I wont take the risk to be his “learner” and fail



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