Goodbye Steve Jobs

I believe we all create energy around us, with our actions


And sometimes, when a man is really good with the world, I guess destiny decides to take him before he can be destroyed by human kind.


I believe we are all born with a mission in this world, and the good men that fulfill it, are allowed to Rest In Peace.


It’s amazing to see how loved he was, and how much missed he will be, he literally changed the world and passed to history, he’ll forever be a good example for human kind, an admirable man. The prove that no matter how easy it’ll always be to see the negative things in everything, We worth it, we worth the effort and possessiveness of one person, because good things are also contagious. It is our  actions what make this world be what it is.


Rest in Peace Steve Jobs!! And Thank you.

BTW… this post was written in a MacBook Pro…



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