An idol is…

Erich Fromm,  says, in the book “The art of loving”, that you really start loving someone when you stop being in love. Real love is when you are able to accept someone with all his/her defects; If you think he/she has no defects, you are in love.

An idol is someone you will be eternally in love with. Someone you will support in the good and in the bad,

Someone you can easily identify with,

Someone for whom you will always be there, and will Never let down,

Someone you might not know in person, but still you feel you know more than many people around him/her,

Someone for whom you’ll always say you’d give you life for,

An idol is like the Princess waiting to be rescued, or the Prince that will rescue you,

An idol is Fictional, is your personal idea of what for you is ideal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real…

An idol is a human being that messes up, and has defects, but that you’ll never be able to see, because love makes you blind,

An idol is, that person that though can be miles away from you, can help you get through a bad day,

Someone you will always be afraid to meet, just because making him/her real could destroy and let down your expectations,

An idol is, an Impossible love, but that will always inspire you to believe in it. (to beieve in love)



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