OMG! I officially love @BVBOfficial more than anything!!

Two days ago, I remember I was thinking how “Coffin” is my favorite song from Rebels EP, I think it has amazing lyrics and I love the begining!! I though “Why wasn’t this a single? it would have been awesome”

Yesterday I learnt the little intro in my keyboard (but it sounds better in piano, and my keyboard isn’t long enough…) and today, I wake up to find an e-mail telling that they just released a new video for the song!! and I’m like WTF??!! XD

I think I had never heard that a band realeased a video of a song that was released months ago (6 months) it’s like they’re rescuing the song!! XD

I thought they were working on their next album, and right now I think they are on tour so I just thought like “When the fuck did they have time to do the video?” this was completely unexpected and it’s really really good, they simply never fail to surprice us, I love them!!

And the video omg it’s fucking amazing!! I wish I could see Ashley a bit more in it… but Andy looks so beautiful with his new haircut!! and I love love the end when he closes the coffin and dissapears.

I know that BVB has never tried to be religious, but I think this video and song are, or at least for Andy… I think he is walking away from it, that’s why “dies”? or that part of him I mean, I don’t know, that’s what I understand; anyways, I LOVE IT!!

And I also realized they will be performing on my birthday!!! (June 17th) omg I wish I could afford a ticket and go see them… but well I guess I’ll plan it and, if they are on tour next year, I’ll go!! 😀 I think it would be an amazing way to celebrate 21 years…

I don’t owe you anything,You’ll only die a dream forgotten



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