Before: 145 lbs. After: 115 lbs.

It is her answer what shocked and inspired me so much!! I want to be able to do this!! and to feel like her!! I want to be healthy and  love myself – IsabelMissVplam


Before: 145 lbs. After: 115 lbs.

– lol can I have her ‘before’ body please?

     – I will never understand these types of before and after pics. If she hadn’t put the smiley face closing, I woulda thought this was a before and after pic of the effects of anorexia…


* Okay I’m sorry but I am really sick of getting comments like this. It is absolutely ridiculous how many times a day I get people making negative comments to me about the fact that I won’t go to McDonald’s with them, or that I bring fruits and vegetables with me when I’m going to be out for the day as if that’s somehow hindering their experience. Let’s talk about what a typical day for me looks like again. I wake up, take a multivitamin and do a 30 minute exercise routine that combines strength training and cardio so that I can burn some calories (albeit not many) and build a little muscle.

Throughout the day, I eat several servings of fruits and vegetables, and my meals range anywhere from grilled chicken and brown rice, to homemade organic pizza, to a philly cheese steak pita. I record what I eat to be sure that I am getting exactly the amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates and calories (about 1400-1500) that I need, and I maintain a balance between these things that is ideal for building lean muscle and maintaining my weight, which I have been doing successfully now for a month. A few times a week, I run anywhere from 2 to 5 miles and/or swim in the pool, and/or whatever other exercise I feel up for that day. I record how many calories I burn from these things and I make sure to eat about that many extra so as not to deprive my body of the nutrients it needs. How much energy do you put into making sure your body is healthy? How make effort do you put into improving your cardiovascular health?

Tell me what about the picture on the right is unhealthy? Or maybe you didn’t notice the muscle definition that replaced the layer of fat that was there in the left photograph. This isn’t the first time that I have received comments like this, and this response is so long winded because EVERY DAY I have at least one person, usually several, who doesn’t exercise regularly, who does not pay any attention to the proper nutrition of their body telling ME that I am unhealthy, that I have a disordered lifestyle. I get anonymous messages that are the same way on maybe a weekly basis, usually with IP addresses linked to other states, other countries, posing as “concerned personal friends”.

My lifestyle has not deprived me of a single thing except overindulgence and laziness.Today, I had a cream filled doughnut from krispy kreme. But I also had strawberries, carrots, corn, rice, grilled chicken, almonds, and other foods that actually help my body to be healthy. If you have a problem with anything I’ve described, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I refuse to change anything about my lifestyle, and I am beyond sick of being criticized day in and day out for the most positive change I have ever made in my life.

If any of you have any more negative statements to make, keep them to yourself. I’m sorry that I’m yet again posting this but I just couldn’t sit back and take it anymore.


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