I stand here waiting for you to Bang the Gong…

My favorite video by Lady Gaga is ‘Marry the Night‘, but I don’t know… I think I might have a new favorite – IsabelMissV

I’ve gotta admit that… when I first heard Gaga’s new single I didn’t find it particularly amazing  and though I was slightly disapointed, I till when on and pre-ordered Artpop

The truth is I’ve been so disconnected from everything recently!! So, I was surpriced when today, doing through my Youtube Subscriptions, I found the Official videoclip of ‘Applause’; and BAM! I watched from beginning to end and even repeated it a couple of times before being able to understand how much I like it!!

I know she’s being thought a rough time, and people throw shit at her everyday, but she stands strong, and so do her little monsters… for those who have seen or had the opportunity to enjoy the BTW Ball, I feel they will find this particular video quite familiar! almost as If you had seen it before…

I am not sure what the whole video meaning is, I am not sure either if it happens to be a continuation of BTW, but I think it is… because all the ‘characters’ in the video, seem to me like the evolution of those played by Gaga back in the BTW ball…

So, I honestly don’t know, but one think I’m sure of, I will always support Gaga and see her as the Queen of Pop of this generation, and I truly cannot wait for Artpop to be released!! 😀


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