Daily Prompt: I’d Like to Thank My Cats.| Beauty is on the inside Award!

Mmm I think we usually don’t stop to think of what we’ve accomplished or of what we should be proud of about ourselves… or at least I don’t do it, my psychiatrist always told me I have to struggle a lot to recognize my own merits…

But I guess time has helped me, and today when I read the Daily Prompt, in the dailypost blog, something immediately pop into my mind, I honestly was surprised by how easily it came!! so I decided to participate just because I actually have something that I would grant myself with an award for.

My health, I am, a 21 year old 149 cm tall person, whose mother died because of diabetes 15 years ago; when I was younger my father tried to get into ‘growth hormones’, that, apart from being super expensive, they are actually effective, but since I was a crazy rebel teen, I never did the treatment properly and so I am still short (though I don’t really feel bad for it!! but I guess in this context, it can be interpreted as arrogance…it is not.)

On the other hand, I have never liked working out, and I suffer from gastritis, and I also have never had real bad problems with my weight since my complexion is naturally thin, and all that ever gets fat in me is my belly (though obviously is not attractive and is more noticeable since I’m short), oh, and I also occasionally smoke. (like 1-2 cigs per day and sometimes none).

So I guess my inner rebel teen would say I gave in, but my newly adult self believes I grew up. I simply decided to change, I have no idea what motivated me really, (but I guess it was the same thing that kept me alive when I was born at the 6.5 months of pregnancy in an emergency delivery) it’s simply is something I can’t explain, but that is inside of me and is quiet strong…So anyways, when I was around 15, I remember I tried to be bulimic, but since I have gastritis, throwing up always made me sick and I ended up in the doctor and taking meds… I also tried to stop eating but I have found that I naturally have low pressure and If I don’t eat, I immediately start felling dizzy (but I’ve only fainted up once in my life and it wasn’t because if that).


So I made a visit to a nutriologist, and since then, my life has changed, I have never felt physically better with myself and motivated. What I fell was helpful too, was that the nutriologist was never really mean and has always genuinely recognized my advances, from day 1 she told me I had no problem with fat and after I told her what I regularly ate, she told me my diet was ok except for the lack of fiber on it and the excess in some portions… So with her help, I learnt to eat properly. And I finally understood why working out isn’t actually something parents try to force you to do just because they hate to see you doing nothing….

Do I get hate? OH YES I DO! so if you are a little fat and get hate, or if you are thin and you get hate, IT’S OK!! people will always find something to talk about, it doesn’t mean you are wrong, I never really answer to them though, but this is what I think:

All I know, is I have never felt healthier, even my skin feels better!! I am proud to say that I have learnt to eat healthier, I am proud to know that I can whatever the fuck I want, and I can messure my portions well enough so that it doesn’t affect my weight, I am also proud to know that I do 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week. AND YES, you will occasionally see me checking the ‘nutritional facts’ section of every product I eat, you will see me cut something in half and only eat one half, I might only eat the inside of a McDonald’s hamburger, and I might always be carrying around my bottle of water, as well as consume a lot of light products, but you know what? I am healthy, I am thin, and I have never felt more beautiful in my life (yes it is true, beauty is on the inside), so if you think I am pathetic for taking care of myself, honestly, that doesn’t really say anything about me, it only says something about you.

THIS POST IS MY GRAIN OF SAND TO: Daily Prompt: I’d Like to Thank My Cats.


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