HAPPY BIRTHDAY @linamariax3

‘Happiness is the secret to all beauty’,

It is true!! if you don’t believe me, ask Karolina Maria Pecak

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This girl… is one of the few people in the world that fit in my personal list of ‘favorite person’…

She turns 22 today and I decided I wanted to write about her in my blog… to start with, I simply believe the woman should be way much more known than she is!! she should be famous, a celebrity, I don’t know I just think she’s got that profile…

I started by watching her youtube tutorials and with the time I became a fan and sometimes, I feel like I was watching or talking to a friend from a while ago… the main reason: her genuinity. That is one of the things I admire the most in her and will always defend, she is the type of person that is not afraid to be different, as a matter of fact, she actually takes that and allows it to define her, making her a very special person.

Lina is a model, make-up artist, fashionista, cook, advisor, blogger and videoblogger, etc… in two words: she is a ‘human being’, that has never shown any signs of wanting to be the most adored person in the planet, and whose feet are very well put in the ground.

Through her videos, she has let us, her fans, know when she is sad and super happy and excited, she has proved how hyper and funny she can be, she has given us great advise that help us get though the everyday, she has also evidenciate her amazing talent as a make-up artist and model, as well as her amazing fashion style.

What I love about watching her videos, is that I always feel like that girl could be me, she is not afraid to be humble and be herself in front of the camera, I believe it is amazing to see superstars in videos, but I guess when you get into their lives a little bit, you always end up seeing them as unreachable or as ‘beyond this world’, but with Lina, though she is comparable to those famous people, she always make it look so simple and reachable, I don’t know but, she always makes me feel better about myself, and probably that’s the biggest reason why I love her.

She is the type of Youtuber that proves everything she says, and so, she has thought me that it’s ok to be different, that wearing a piercing doesn’t make you a hooker, that having a style of your own is a good thing and loving make-up doesn’t make you superficial at all, she is, for sure one of my favorite persons in the world.

‘Take care ‘cause I care, I love you’, those words mean a lot to me, and no matter how many times she’s repeated them, I know she always means it, and I will always believe in her.

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