‘IsabelMissVplam’: Danny Worsnop, The Death of Me


This Video OMG I love it so freaking much!! I am like so obsessed with it and with the song, that I decided I’d post it in my blog… so here it is.

First of, how did I got to know about Asking Alexandria? Well honestly that story isn’t that amazing… I simply happen to be a Black Veil Brides fan and, that’s how I first got to know/hear Danny and I sort of fell in love with his accent… XD

Not the American Average, was the first song I ever heard of them.

And the first song and video I ever liked, was To the Stage since then, I decided I liked this band and their concept, but then, they sort of disappeared!!… 😦

And some months later, I read an article and watched a video of Danny been completely drunk on stage and pretty much making a ridiculous performance, to be honest, I was not exactly disappointed, but I was sad for Danny and that, made me want to support him even more!! (yeah, that’s weird right?) So, I spent like 2 weeks watching every single Asking Alexandria interview I could find on youtube, I got to know the other band members and learnt about their career and relevance for todays music, as well as their origin and how the band was formed.

And during that time, I also found out that Danny had decided to sober up, had have a bartender girlfriend and broke up with her, had have some problems with his chords and that Asking Alexandria was working on a new record!! And naturally, as soon as it came out I was there listening to all the songs and bursting with excitement, (and fangirling about Danny) then I started to watch their new interviews and to be honest, it’s inevitable to notice how much they have grown up!! Ben is married!! (now that was unexpected!!! :O )

But well… going back to Danny XD…. I heard Asking Alexandria’s new songs on Sumerian Records Youtube chanel, and the first song I was obsessed with is Killing You, that song, to me, is like a very intimate and reflective song by Danny, and it almost feels like a “sorry” song, he pretty much is expressing how bad he felt for hurting anyone he hurt with his self-destructive behavior. (Though we all have that type of behavior and besides, he is a fucking rock star and that’s probably the biggest reason why I like him, so I wouldn’t change him, but I DO want him to live)

And then I saw him again and BAM! he looks so well now!! healthier stronger, certainly ‘better that ever’…. the fact that he decided to sober up…. honestly I couldn’t be more proud!!
I just think about how hard it must be, and how much willpower you need to decide to do that, to go on and say “I won’t do this anymore” when you live in an environment where doing so is so normal.

This new song, I love the video version!! I know It has a different sound, but I think it is perfect!! The lyrics are so empowering!! And they fit the situation so well!! I mean, you also need guts to do that!! Releasing a song where you pretty much prove how you’ve overcome something that at some point almost kills you, I feel it’s like getting naked in front of everyone, THAT is what I call genuinity, and THAT is why I look-up to rocks stars, they are real heroes.

And not only are the lyrics amazing but so is the video!! 4 girls that represent sins (cocaine, pills, morphine and alcohol), the little kid (the little Danny) pics one (morphine) and the vending machine marks “Destiny Selected”, as if that choice would make his whole life, and then eventually Danny proves it doesn’t, just like the little Quote by R.W Emerson: “The only Person you are destined is to become is the person you decide to be” at the beginning of the video, and just like the name of their new record “From Death to Destiny”.

No matter how many times you’ve fucked up and how much of a mess your life is, you ALWAYS have a choice, you can always turn everything around, there is nothing that you’ve done in your past that condemns you repeat your mistakes forever, the only one stoping you, is yourself.

Five guys got together and formed a band, they went to thought hard time, they were judged and pointed at, they used to be nothing, they used to be death, now they understand why they are here, and they seize the great lifestyle they have earn, they understand how successful and big they can become, and they want it all, so now, they are on their way to greatness, on their way to their destiny.

😀 Woh now I feel MUCH better!! I certainly needed to take that out… XD hope you enjoyed reading my post!! I enjoyed writing it 😀 don’t forget to like and leave a comment if you want, I promise I’ll reply! 😀 you can also share my post!! that would be amazing!!

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