2 ‘Rock’ videos I am loving… @AFuckingA & @FIROfficial

I’ve recently become more interested in the type of videoclips that have a story or really good edition (and are not just a good song or have really hot people in them…)

  • 1st. “The Death of Me” – by Asking Alexandria

A wonderfully symbolic videoclip based on the story of singer Danny Worsnop and how he has overcome his addiction to drugs and alcohol, the lesson is that, no matter how badly you’ve messed up in the past, you can always turn your life around, you build your own future. Showing yourself to the world vulnerable and innocent to me, is a very brave and humble action that inspires a lot of respect.

  • 2nd. “Alone” – by Falling in Reverse

A videoclip and song where Ronnie Radke gets in touch with his raper inner ego, and evidenciates how much he cares and listens the people around him, it’s not about caring about what they say, it is the fact of knowing that they are there and that he is not the most lovable person in he planet and still, He’s got the confidence to stand for himself, sober up, innovate and do whatever he wants, an action that as well, inspires respect.

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