Tips for Beautiful Skin

I like all this tips because they are very realistic!! Yes, beauty is on the inside. -IsabelMissV

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Fashion can be amazing for a girl’s self-esteem- when you love what you are wearing, that confidence radiates everywhere else.  You glow because you are happy and other people pick up on that.  There is only so much fashion can do for you, though, if you don’t love what is under the clothes, jewelry and makeup.  Your skin is hands down the most important part of your look and when your skin looks good, you feel good.  When you have clear and healthy looking skin, everything else is just icing on the cake.  Follow these tips for truly healthy and beautiful skin.

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You are what you eat.

I know you’ve heard it before, but that is because this is fundamental.  Eat as much fresh produce as you can (fruit is nature’s candy!) and make foods rich in Omega-3’s and antioxidants part of your regular diet.  Salmon is a perfect protein for Omega-3’s that reduce inflammation that can cause redness and uneven skin tone.  Blueberries, dark greens and green tea are good sources of antioxidants to promote healthy cell regeneration.  As much as you can, limit your intake of sugar and processed foods.  These will cause the inflammation you are trying to rid yourself of and just contribute to ill health in general. 

Drink lots of water. 

If you are someone who drinks a lot of canned or bottled drinks (my mother had a never-ending supply of Diet Coke on hand for my entire childhood), try replacing one or two of your drinks during the day with a glass of water instead.  Staying well hydrated will help you flush the toxins out of your body which contributes to your overall health and the health and elasticity of your skin.  This is especially important as you age and your skin does not retain the same level of moisture.

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Don’t over-clean or over-exfoliate.

Unless you have oily skin, you don’t need to use soap on your face more than once a day.  Wash your face with a gentle cleanser in the evening to get off the dirt and grime of the day and simply rinse in the morning.  If you have oily skin, you can wash your face twice a day with an extra-gentle cleanser.  And while exfoliating is a great way to improve your complexion by getting rid of dirt and dead skin, over-exfoliating will irritate your face and can cause breakouts.  Limit yourself to twice a week at most.    

Apply sunscreen regularly year-round.

Sunscreen isn’t just for the summer.  All age groups should be using sunscreen multiple times a day to prevent your skin from aging faster than it needs to.  Use a moisturizer that has at least SPF-30 and keep a small bottle in your purse to reapply every several hours. The younger you start this regimen, the more it will do for you as you age to prevent wrinkles and keep your skin tone even. 

Wear sunglasses year-round.

Like sunscreen, your sunglasses are not a seasonal accessory.  You may actually be exposed to more UV rays during the winter than you are during the summer, depending on where you live and what kind of winter you have- light reflects off of snow and clouds.  Squinting causes crow’s feet.  Enough said.

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Get your heart rate up daily.

In addition to prolonging your life in general, exercising regularly improves your circulation and the amount of oxygen in your blood steam.  This will contribute to a smooth, glowing complexion.  As a bonus, the release of endorphins will leave you feeling happier too. 

Stop stressing.

This one is SO much easier said than done, but if you can find a way to reduce the amount of stress in your life, you will see a difference in your complexion.  For me, a few days of high stress is more than enough to trigger a breakout which is the last thing any of us want.  The same stress-reduction strategies don’t work for everyone though, so you will need to experiment to find what works for you.  For me, it is reminding myself that the world is not ending because of my stressor and going to yoga regularly. 

Get enough sleep.

“Enough” is different for everyone here, but make sure you are generally well rested and don’t deprive yourself of sleep.  Sleep reduces the level of cortisol in your body, the stress hormone that can cause acne and ages the skin.

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If you incorporate all of these tips in your daily routine, you will have better skin health and better health in general, which definitely contributes to overall beauty. Happy and healthy is a good look on everyone.  A word to the wise: changing habits takes time and trying to change too many at once is a recipe for backsliding.  Make long-term goals for your skin health and start with one or two habit changes at a time.  And if you don’t see changes right away, stick with it.  If you have had habits that are bad for your skin for the last ten years, you may not notice a difference overnight or even in a week.  Give it time and enjoy the journey to great skin!

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