‘IsabelMissV’: BULLYING? Ask #RebeccaBlack (@MsRebeccaBlack)

As some of you might know… I suffered from bullying for around 9 years… and to be honest with you, now that I look back, I am thankful because it made me a strong person.

And I can only imagine how hard it must be to feel like the whole world dislikes you, at the age of 13.
How are you supposed to know that it’s ok not to be perfect? That those people attacking you don’t deserve your attention because they don’t know you and that it will all eventually get better? How can you possibly stay positive and real to yourself when everyone is telling that’s wrong? Pay attention people, to Rebecca Black herself, talking about it, about 4 years later… how did she survived? many would have killed themselves (and you know I’m not lying):


“Learn to love yourself and to love everyone around you”

“Trying to force or make anyone perfect (specially yourself) is only gonna make you miserable in life”

“People loves those little flaws that you have because they make you you”

“I have those days when I feel horrible about myself and that’s ok! it’s ok not to be perfect”

      – 16 year old Rebecca Black


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