LIVING THIS CRAZY KIND OF LIFE… A text that eventually became a song

Wrote this one back in 2010, in March,  and then in June I made it a song… but today I’ll just share the text… this is how I felt 4 years ago, when I was about to start University

I had never feel so alone, and a rainy day doesn’t help at all, Today while I walked under the rain I began crying and it felt so good, I didn’t want this moment to go, I felt like the sky was crying with me, perhaps my mom.

I sometimes feel like so empty and unsatisfied with life, I sometimes feel like there’s not a good point on living this kind of crazy life, everything is so material and subjective, I hate the fact that you are rated and valuated by the things you have or that you feel better if you are blond and of blue eyes all this for me is silly and makes no sense, that’s why I’ll never feel completely happy living this kind of crazy life, I just feel that I don’t belong to that.

I sometimes wish I wasn’t who I am I wish I could be able to join and fell as any other one but I’ll always fell different and unwanted.

When he comes and tells me that I did something wrong again, it makes me feel so bad, I wish he could know who I really am, and that he looked for a second and the mirror and consider what he is, I wish he stopped being so egoist, every time he tries to make me feel less or that I worth nothing, he feels like he was the best just because I am not as good as him, and it doesn’t matter how hard I try I’ll never succeed in making him see me like something as cool or better than him, I wish I could do it, so he stopped bothering me.

We all have our ways of escaping from real world, we have a perfect world in our head in which everything happens the way we want and it’s sometimes terrifying to see the real world in the one we live, which is full on pollution, crime, people that live in streets and many other horrible things that I wish I could sometimes forget at least for a moment, that’s why I have my perfect world in my head, where everything makes sense to me.

What do you think? Leave me a comment with your thoughts! Would you be interested in me posting the lyrics of the song that came out from this?
Atte. Isabel (MissV)


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