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  • Ever wondered if there exists a makeup look that fits everyone and you can achieve in less than 15 minutes? 
  • Alguna vez te preguntaste si existe un look de maquillaje que le quede a todos y puedas lograr en menos de 15 minutos?

Well it does exists! I discovered it some years ago and today I’ll share it with you! What you need:



  1. Black eyeliner and eyeshadow
  2. Light Concealer
  3. Liquid foundation or BB Creme
  4. Colored Pressed Powder
  5. Blush and if you wish, Bronzer
  6. A transparent setting powder
  7. Mascara and eyelash curler

How to achieve it? it’s very simple:

  1. Start by applying concealer to your under eye circles and eyelid.
  2. Then, line your waterline with the eyeliner and set it with the eyeshadow. (You can also draw a thin line close to your upper lash line)
  3. Apply your liquid foundation or BB creme, blend it with a kabuki brush or if you want, with your fingers.
  4. Set your foundation with you pressed powder, don’t forget your eyelids! A tip: do not apply in areas where you have expression lines or dark circles, the powder will only make that more visible.
  5. Put on some blush (you can also put on some bronzer).
  6. Curl your lashes.
  7. Set everything with the transparent setting powder
  8. Apply mascara.

And ta daaah! XD you’re totally done! Would you like a video demonstration of what you just read? XD let me know in the comments! 

If  you wish to see the look, check out this picture, wich was the first one I shared on instagram this year:



Thank you all for reading me! hope you enjoyed this post! 😉

Atte.Isabel (MissV)



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