#WATCHME its @RonnieRadke ‘s Mixtape! #Marketing & #Music

So… according to the statistics in my blog… the term ‘Ronnie Radke‘ is the most relevant one that brings people here.

I guess I can’t deny I love him a lot (as maybe some of you have noticed) and yep I sort of DO have post a certain amount of stuff about him and Falling In Reverse (I honestly don’t think it’s that much)

… so here’s another post about HIM… I mean Why Not? XD

I guess I just wanted to give a shoutout to his new and first mixtape, called #WATCHME, that is available at http://ronnieradkemixtape.com don’t you just LOVE how simple the url is? (or maybe its just me and my marketing mind…)

Anyways… so far he’s realized 4 songs, that you’ll get in your email in less that a day, after you submitted you email.

  1. Stupid Boy
  2. Never de Same
  3. Already Dead
  4. Destiny

The first one is my favorite… Which one is yours? Let me know in the comments! You know I always reply 😉

I also get identified with “Never the Same”.. When the envy invades the people you love(d), it hurts. And yes, it changes you forever… I guess you learn to not be such a good person, malice is necessary. Just so you know how to detect it.

With Love, Isabel (MissV)



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