As promised… @LadyGaga again in my #blog today…

I DO might be a little obsessed but I honestly don’t see how that’s wrong.

This beautiful human being and incredibly talented artist hasn’t being though the greatest time in her carrier recently…

From Perez Hilton hating on her from before her record was out, to videoclip producers that don’t do their job, breaking her hips and having to cancel what would have been the longest and biggest word tour ever made… last year wasn’t very profitable for her…

What I respect? The fact that she hasn’t given up and keeps promoting ARTPOP as well as touring with the same energy and extravagance that’s always characterized her.

Has she become more discrete? Publicly, yes, naturally because it’s funny but seems like the more she tries to express and explain her point of view, the more she’s misunderstood… so she rather keeps the weirdest for her little monsters, who’ll understand.

This new videoclip is way better that I could have expect (different to what I thought when I first heard ‘Applause’ audio, not that I disliked it, but I expected something more ‘outside the box’… it was fixed with the videoclip anyways XD)

I’d dare comparing this new short film to ‘Marry the Night’, (though it talks about something different and it is symbolic but more realistic), the quality, the story and everything involved in it, makes it indeed, a piece of art, with music. Yep, that’s ARTPOP!

I’ll never get tired of her music, videos and concerts, I know she’ll always be carrying a message and doing things with meaning, there’s nothing superficial in her art, and I guess that is the reason I love her the most, she might be pop, but she isn’t plastic at all, I would say she is the most genuine pop artist that’s ever existed and I’ll always be here for her, even/specially when the whole world decides to hate on her because she doesn’t follow the rules.


Atte. Isabel (MissV)



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