Top 9 Components of a #LandingPage

I’ll be honest here, the first time I ever had to actually think about the structure of a landing page, was about a year ago, when I was working at a leasing company and they asked to propose a redesign for the official webpage of the company.

I think we all now it has to draw attention and be simple, but efficiently engage your potential costumer.

When you see it like that, there’s a bunch of ideas that come to your head and you’re not sure which is is the right one… 

As much as you want the viewer to stay and clic of fill a certain format, you don’t want to saturate the page with content, you expect the viewer to clic if he/she wants to know more, it’s like a 140 charaters tweet, it’s short, it’s not a blog post, but you still have to find the way to make it effective.

Then you also have to think of the colors, and the layout itself, as it most fit the image of the company, and possibly the webpage itself.

Once you’re on it, you are bothered with the inquiry of What to put and what not to put? What’s essential and which should be the part that draws attention the most? Shall it be all plain and static so it loads faster, or shall you experiment with a movable graphic? and, Shall it be compatible with mobiles?(yes)

Today I found this post, that I think resumes really well in 9 simple things, what a landing page must include

And In the link bellow your find the explanation to what each of this 9 components mean, if you need it:

via The Top 9 Components of the Perfect Landing Page.

The problem is that as much as you want to get to your costumer, just like it happens with a tweet, or with a 15 seconds spot before a youtube video, it has to be quick and consistent, so when will you know that your landing page layout design is ready? I believe taking as a starting point this 9 components, is a good indicator.

  • Headline
  • Image or Video
  • Benefits
  • Call to Action
  • Page Fold
  • Links
  • Description
  • Trust Elements
  • Testing Capabilities
  • What do you think? Would you add or remove anything? Leave me your comments! I promise to reply 😉

Atte. Isabel (MissV)



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