#Hollywood #Glamour with #Paradise #Escape

As many of you might already know, I love to watch talented youtube make-up gurus tutorials, and that’s pretty much how I’ve learnt everything I know about the subject… I’ve shared my thoughts on some artist I like previously but Today I want to talk about Anna, she is, apart from being creative, talented, and having a charismatic charm, she is really beautiful.


One thing that I feel makes her videos so particular is her natural class, it doesn’t only have to do with her hair, make-up and outfit, but she’s simply got this natural classy way of  moving and being.

Another thing that I admire, is her genuinity, she does listen to her fans and tries to do videos that we want, but she also is the type of youtuber that will start a makeup tutorial inspired in a celebrity talking about how much she likes that celebrity or the look and video she’s about to show, and I’m sure she’d never do a video about something she doesn’t like just because she’s being paid or constantly asked for it… unless she considered it necessary.

I also admire, and I guess this is a more personal approach… the way she keeps her privacy.

She is a good example of how a person can use social networks positively, she never exposes herself in a compromising way, or tries to hurt anyone, she shares what she wants and what is useful to her image, and keeps the rest of her life to herself WE SHOULD ALL DO THAT!

See internet is not just a way of communicating and recording or lives… but it can also be a very useful platform to show our talents and be found… (XD sounds too cliché.. ok you can laugh XD)

I could probably elaborate in talking about her videos, Instagram, Facebook and Website… but I think that if you’re interested, there really isn’t a better way to get to know this beautiful woman and learn from her… that experiencing it yourself! 😉

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