3 ways non-profits can do digital marketing

So today I wanted to share this post I found at memeburn.com, it talks about how non-profit action create the most effective way of digital marketing, I found this vey informative and real.

Here I share the last part of the post, where the author pretty much resumes everything:

Wrapping it up
Modern marketing focuses a great deal on creating action, even if that action isn’t directly tied to making a sale. This is because actions are memorable, and they keep us coming back. To recap:

  1. Focus on offering practical advice that your audience can act on, more than on news stories. While both are important, the practical side of things is widely neglected, and it’s far keeping an audience.
  2. Interact directly with your audience, post content that creates discussion, and leverage tools that make discussion and participation easy. Community is even more important to an audience than the content itself.
  3. Eliminate clutter from your website. Avoid giving your visitor more than six options to choose from at any given time, and once they make a choice, eliminate all distractions until they are finished, at which point it’s time to inspire them to take an action, however small.

Use these techniques and you can expect to create a positive change in the world.

If you wish to read the whole thing, clic here: 3 ways non-profits can do digital marketing like a hard-nosed business | memeburn.

Based on your experience, do you agree of disagree with the points mentioned above? Have you applied any, and how do you know they worked?
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Atte. Isabel (MissV) 



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