Self Destruct personality – #FallingInReverse

Better late than never… XD

Miércoles con M de Música en mi blog!!

Siempre que hablo de otros artistas o personas, lo hago de manera positiva… considero una pérdida de tiempo escribir mensajes de odio o de desprecio hacia alguien más…

*Those who’ve known me for a while… know how big of a fan I am of Falling In Reverse… remember my 3 parts blog about my experience at my first metal concert ever? and I wasn’t even in my country… XD

They’ve always inspired me bravery and genuinity, I love that they are not afraid to evolve and innovate musically speaking, but this particular song (Self Destruct Personality), is one I just don’t understand!

Not lyrically speaking I mean, the lyrics are pretty clear and so is the whole point/message of the song but the sound…

This is funny but it sounds like a mess to me! And I care so much about it that it can be disturbing XD I don’t know it’s something about the structure… I just feel like the beginning should be a bridge and the sound in the verse should be the chorus XD I just feel like it’s all scrambled… XD

But well… that’s just what I think LOL I guess I just wanted to put it out there… what do you think?

If you are a Falling In Reverse fan, which is your favorite song by them so far?
If you are interested, you can see my vlogs about my experience at their concert HERE
If you like to see my videos… how do you feel about me making a cover of ‘Keep Holding On’ in the future?… maybe with my keyboard? 😀 yay or nay!?

😛 thanks for reading me! please subscribe ❤ I love you all

Isabel (MissV)



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