Such a true thing!!

OK, today it’s the day for me to share something music related in my blog, and I am going to talk about EPICA.

Some of you might find this surprising, but I really love this band!!

Wouldn’t say I am a super obsessed fan about them, but I respect and truly admire them for all the amazing compositions they do, It’s just another level of music…

So last Sunday… I found this new song of theirs, called The Essence of Silence. And not only is the sound powerful and almost violent, as it’s characteristic in them, but the lyrics, OMG!!

As I was reading the lyrics and listening to the song, it hit me in that way that only certain songs do, that feeling of that this is about you, you know?

I have totally been there, multiple times, either it is when you are depressed and simply aren’t able to see anything positively or, you have to make a choice or do something that you can’t help overthinking, this song is for you.

The essence is in silence.

My favorite part, the bridge:

♪ Make a start, explore your heart.

When a persistent memory, penetrates you mind, ALLOW the silence to destroy your thoughts in every kind. 

It certainly is true that, you’ll never be happy unless you decide to and, no matter what you’ve been through or what you’ve done, the only one that can stop you from being happy is yourself, it’s all about allowing yourself (giving yourself the permission) to be happy.

Thoughts? leave me your comments, I promise to reply! 😉

Atte. Isabel (MissV)

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