2 videos… Changes are happening

Hello to all my lovely readers!! Today I want to share a couple of videos I posted in the last 7 days:


First of, my vlog #5, were I talk to you about my interest and the decision I’ve made to carry on with my channel:

You may have noticed this yet… but ever since I came back from Chile, even though I said I would come back to do covers, I didn’t and the reason is, my motivation and inspiration had being elsewhere, so instead of forcing and limiting myself to only do the singing part (which I love and I will always do no matter what I do with my life), I’ve decide to be more me… (Check out the video where I elaborate more about this)




As part of the changes, I posted on Thursday my very first make-up tutorial, a very simple and fast wereable look intended for those times where you are in a  hurry and need to go to work or school.


You know something funny? I am Mexican so I speak Spanish, but since I’ve noticed a growth in my English speaking followers, I also do things in that language and that also helps me reach more people but today, checking the comments in this video, it to turns out there’s one in FRENCH! :/ I understand it ‘cause I studied it for a year at school and because it isn’t that different from Spanish (at least written) but omg LOL


I love you all!

And starting tomorrow,  I’ll do the “BVB Special” thing (I mention it on the vlog), so If you also share that love and dedication for this life changing band, complete the challenge with me!! 😛

Leave me comments! I always reply!

Atte. Isabel (MissV)


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