DAY 1: Favorite @OfficialBVB song:


The song’s lyrics are incredibly powerful and meaningful to many people, the song is, what it’s name is, the song is a saviour.

It took me some time to understand it, for a while, I wanted to believe my saviour were other people, like my family and the counted real friends I have and that have stood with me no matter what… I think many bvb fans still see the song like that, and they think saviour is supposed to be a song where Andy is putting himself as a life saviour, but it’s not.

The song, is about us, individually, I have learnt, that when you mess up and then you regret it, or when you feel down and depressed, there is absolutely no person in the planet (not your mom, dad, grandma or friends), noone, that can take you out of there but yourself, you are the only one with the real power to tear yourself down and to get back up, the strength needed for that, doesn’t lay in anyone but yourself.

Are you the type of person who likes to be alone? I am, and you know what I have realized? that no matter how lonely we are, we can never be truly alone, because even when there’s noone else around, we are with ourselves, we ALWAYS are with ourselves, we can’t scape from ourselves, so yes, A saviour will be there when you are feeling alone, and this doesn’t mean Andy Biersack or anyone else; this means, you.

We are our own perfect enemy and we also are our own saviour.

I stumbled upon this quote on Instagram yesterday, it’s complaining about “Y.O.L.O”, and I completely agree.

So what’s left to do? Enjoy life and try to figure it out… stop making ourselves less just because we are different, take all of that negative energy (ours and of others) and transfer it into something beautiful.

What is left unsaid, the greatest gift I gave. Your greatest gift is your life

What do you think? And WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BLACK VEIL BRIDES SONG? and why? Leave your answer down in the comments, or  post it on Instagram, tumblr or twitter, you can tag me and I’ll comment! 😉

Atte. IsabelMIssVplam

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