DAY 4: Favorite @OfficalBVB videoclip & DAY 5: Favorite Gig

Well… I am very sorry for not posting yesterday’s favorite!!!

El día de ayer, fue algo especial para mi… recibí mis papeles y oficialmente me convertí en “Licenciada de Mercadotecnia” 😀 La verdad es un motivo de orgullo y que me emociona… aunque también me despierta algo de incertidumbre… porque no se que haré ahora XD pase de ser estudiante a ser desempleada… hmm

But anyways… favorite Black Veil Brides video? mmm I guess that would have to be ‘Coffin’ I feel it is a very symbolic and meaningful video, when I first saw it and heard the song, I thought it had to do with god, but then I learnt it only takes the concept of religion, as it’s now become typical for them, and applies it into a different and own notion.

I think this video is a good example of the passion and dedication they inspire in us, we believe in Black Veil Brides as if it was a religion, because that is how the’ve taught us.

And favorite Gig? This probably is nothing to some of you, but there’s some epicness in Andy Biersack being crazy and wild on stage, and bitting Jake… XD and I still prefer that to him giving spotlight to some random hater… (:

What about you? WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE BLACK VEIL BRIDES VIDEOCLIP AND FAVORITE GIG? Leave your answer down in the comments, or  post it on Instagram, tumblr or twitter, you can tag me and I’ll comment! 😉

Atte. Isabel (MissV)


All this month, is about BVB!! Complete the challenge with me, follow the blog to know what everyday is about (Right Column)



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