DAY 13: About Wretched and Divine

This is to me the second record I receive from them since release, the first one was Set The World on Fire… so yeah… I wasn’t a fan from the beginning, but I sure will stay ‘till the end (that I hope never comes)

This 30 days challenge was made when Wretched & Divine wasn’t out yet, and day 13 says “Whatever tickles your fancy” so I decided to do it about that record!

It’s my favorite record so far! and the song I like most is: Resurrect The Sun

Here’s a good quality live performance of it:

And here’s Andy Talking about the song and it’s message:

And here’s my cover of the song:

XD so yeah… I love the song because it’s lyrics are deeply meaningful and have helped me cry when I needed it, It is true that if we believe in ourselves no-one or nothing will ever stop us, and it also is true that you could never know you’re happy if you hadn’t been sad in the past, so yeah… pain is necessary ‘cause it makes you strong and mistakes are good because you learn from them, (there’s not really much to learn from being right)…


Leave you answer in the comments! 😉

Atte. Isabel (MissV)



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