DAY 18: How I found out about @OfficialBVB


Well… the story is quiete simple I think…

One evening, I was going through my dashboard on tumblr, and I stumble across the picture of the most beautiful mad I’ve ever seen in my entire life, he was wearing make-up, had tattoos and was holding a cigarette, the tags read “Andy Sixx”

So I went on and Googled it, ended up reading the first part of Black Veil Brides’ wikipedia page and followed Andy on twitter.

Some days later, Andy retweeted a tweet from Black Veil Brides official account that lead to the videoclip of “Fallen Angels”, I realized it was a bible reference, and I also fell in love with Ashley when I saw him on the motorcycle, so that woke a bit my curiosity to know more about them…

The related videos led me to “Knives and Pens” and I loved the video! I realized that the band members where different so I went back to read the rest of their wikepedia and learnt the names of the current members.

The days that followed I would get home from school, eat something, and get straight on youtube to watch every single Black Veil Brides interview I could find, this is what helped me get to know them a bit more and like them.

Then one day I listened to their song “Never Give In”, and for some reason, that song was just what I needed, I got obsessed with it, and needed to have it on repeat in my ipod, so I went on and bought it, along CD that included it (We stitch these wounds)

That Christmas I listened to Set The Word on Fire (the CD) instead of the usual Christmas songs, and that’s I guess where I can tell I was absolutely convinced that my fanastism for this band is a permanent thing.

What about you? Whats your story? You can share it in the comments! 😀 I’ll reply 😉

Atte. Isabel (MissV)



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