Day 22: A letter to @OfficialBVB?

OMG I can’t…

I will not write it now because I know I’d feel frustrated for not being able to deliver it and having to wait, I’m more of the idea that a letter is way too personal and I would never publish it… and I am not particularly inspired right now either… XD

And you know I am more about dedicating or writing songs for someone… which I don’t do for many people but I would do it for them.

So hopefully one day I will not just give them a letter, but do a song for them… but until then… won’t write anything because I simply don’t know were to start and the simple thought of starting makes wanna cry and I know I will when I write it.

I think maybe it’s just that I am not ready for it yet… just I am not ready to talk about things in my past I’ve never elaborated on for you, and i know you keep only getting fractions of it, but someday I will be able to accept it fully and as what it is (past, history) and I won’t struggle with going back there and seeing where I was, because I will be ok with where I am.

I know I’ll get there, eventually.


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