DAY 29: Favorite @OfficialBVB memory

Well…I think any of the times Andy has yelled at some random hater during a show is memorable…

But without a doubt for me, my favorite is when they won Song of the Year at the Revolver Gods awards for In the End and most of the fans there where Metallica, so they decided to hate on them… which if you think about it is quiete pathetic given the fact that the band is the one getting the award I mean, What are you barking for? BVB evidently is the ones up there and you are the one down there.

In my experience I have learnt that the greatest way to deal with a hater/bully is to ignore it… but my idol likes to hate back on them and I guess that if you are a talented and successful rockstar on stage, with your band, it also works… XD

So anyways to me that’s the greatest memory because it was a moment when I truly felt very proud if being part of the BVB Army, knowing that they know we are there for them and that they won’t let anyone tear them down, it’s a very empowering kind of felling… you know the kind of felling that’s worth fighting for. 😉

What bout you? What’s you favorite Black Veil Brides memory?

Atte. Isabel (MissV)



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