DAY 30: Favorite @JinxxBVB @ccbvb @JakePittsbvb @AshleyPurdy & @AndyBVB memory


My favorite Jinxx memory is when he was featured at “Average Joe” and he said that thing about “exiting this world” XD and then he did it… and then he was mad realices he knows the girl and all that… XD

My favorite Christian memory is when he posted on Instagram a picture that’s being around for a while and makes reference to the “Legion Of the Black” (movie) and portrays him as a superhero, he posted it commenting about how it made his day ❤ It may sound silly but I find it really special when they appreciate little things like this ones that at the end of the day, we do for them.


My favorite Jake Pitts memory well this one is a sad one, but it the song “Carolyn”, dedicated to his mother who died in the beginnings of this year, it is a very beautiful song

My favorite Ashley Purdy memory is that one when he was a a meet and greet and called a fan sassy and then overreacted when she came back it was kind of super sweet! XD… (ok fine I may have a problem but whatever! you guys know I like him like him)

My favorite Andy Biersack moment is one of those many times that he’s stop a show to yell at some hater, and he says “I am up here and you are down there motherfucker”, I don’t know I just love those words XD

What about you? What are your favorite memories from each BVB member?

This is the last day! and I can’t finish to express how much fun I had and how happy I am that I completed it, my dad keeps thinking that I “base my happiness” on people I will never meet and so that I am wrong for being so passionate about the artists that inspire me…

A) will see… B) Who cares? I don’t 🙂

In honor to those days around 10 years ago when I first started to use the internet and I had multiple online fanclubs… I dedicated 30 days in my blog to Black Veil Brides

Now it’s very different, never thought I’d have a youtube channel and all that (as a matter of fact Youtube didn’t even exist then), but well… here I am and I  still am the same passionate fan I’ve always been, I’ve simply grown up and I guess developed different interests but yes, I love being a fan and I love dedicating time to express my love for the artist that have helped me through life and teach me to be a better person.

Black Veil Brides is my favorite band in the world and I am sure of two things: there will never be a band that replaces them in my heart and two, I will continue to support them even when I am 80 years old and full of wrinkles, I will never “grown up” enough to not like them or have no time for them  🙂

Atte. Isabel (MissV)




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